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Roof Replacement

This service is carried out by our qualified and experienced team to remove your existing aged roof tiles and reinstate new roof tiles to provide the best performance and enhance the visual effect of your home

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Roof Restoration

If your roof requires strengthening or restoring, our team of specialised experts are able to provide the right solutions which will also make your roof look beautiful once again.

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Other Services

We also offer services including extensions, new roof construction, carpentry and are also able to build new pergolas and verandahs

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Australia’s most recognisable roof tiles manufacturer and supplier which offer variety, quality and sustainability. We use only the highest grade materials for all of our jobs no matter the size

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Right Choice Roofing Melbourne Professionals

We are always happy to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary information so you can make the correct, informed decision. Our advice is honest and what we quote you is what you pay. There are no surprises on the day.